Julie is a certified facilitator of Access Consciousness.  She has inspired and empowered thousands of people to transform in her multi-faceted creative ways.  She has been described as potent, tenacious, kind… a radiant jewel with a sensual, nurturing, healing touch.

Morning pic

Her art and design business of over 20 years has always had, at the core, her desire for people to be empowered to create the life of their dreams.  She incorporates these generative and creative energies and brings healing and abundance to those that choose artwork for themselves and their homes.  People are drawn to the pieces that will unlock within them the space for magnetizing what they truly desire.  They may not be aware of it at the time, but often report back the expansion, happiness, and increased possibilities after purchasing their treasures.

As a healer, Julie has incorporated the tools of Access Consciousness for almost a decade and has created many miracles in people’s lives.  From teaching classes, to private sessions, and appearances out in the world, her presence inspires peace, beauty, and the desire to reach for even greater potential.

More of Julie’s work can be found on her websites: http://www.creatingyourlife4you.com and http://www.julietuton.com


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