What if you are not wrong…?


Is there somewhere inside where you know that your relationship is not working for you and something has to change?  Do you have this little itching feeling that doesn’t seem to go away?    Yes, it is possible to bury it for a while, ignore it, shove it out of your mind… but it keeps coming back!  What do you know, or are pretending that you don’t know that you know, that if you would acknowledge it, would allow your entire life to shift and change for the better?

The first thing you all should know is that you are NOT wrong.

Acknowledging that things aren’t working is the first step, then you can change it.  But come out of judgment of yourself and your partner.  You are both different.  You have different points of view, neither is right or wrong, just different.  If you can begin to see things from the larger picture, and stay out of judgment, you will be  in a place of choice.  You can make changes with much more ease.

eyes  …be willing to look…

If you are in a relationship or marriage that is not working for you, acknowledge this and go into question, “This is not working for me.  So what can I change?  What else is possible?”

Allow the questions to Be.  Do not look for immediate answers or conclusions.  Just allow the question to go out into the universe and notice when responses show up.  It may take moments, hours, days, weeks or even months…  As you are aware of different possibilities that present themselves, you can then choose.  What will be rewarding?   for me and everyone concerned?


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