Being Selfish…



I spoke to a friend this morning that was feeling very upset and contracted because people close to her, including her family, were judging her for being selfish and creating the problems in her marriage.  As she was speaking the words, each time she came to a judgment it felt so heavy, she could barely get the words out.  So I asked her, “does that feel light when you say that?”  She said , “No.” sniff, sniff.  So, what if we trusted our awareness of what is true for us, no matter what?  (Besides, people always accuse you of what they are actually doing.)

She also mentioned that she felt wrong for dressing up, looking pretty, and being happy.  She said it made her feel insane.  That is correct!  In this reality, being average, wearing sweatpants and being unhappy are what is normal and sane.  So I asked her, “are you willing to be out of touch with this reality, and be insanely happy?!”  That created such lightness in her world.  Only from this space of lightness can we create and generate, change, choose, and Be.  (So play with the heavy/light tool to navigate your choices… They will assist in ways you cannot imagine!  Review this tool in my first Posting of this Blog.)

In society, the idea of selflessness rules, and doing anything for yourself is selfish!  It is bad and wrong!  What if that isn’t actually correct?  It feels really heavy, so it can’t be right.  Let’s look at the word selfish… Caring for oneself; regarding one’s own comfort; in disregard or at the expense of others.  The last part feels heavy to me.  But what if we incorporated the first part and started Including ourself?  What if including you in your life, in your choices, is actually a greater contribution to those around you and the world?   What if including you doesn’t have to be at the expense of others?  Does that feel light?  What if everything that we have been told is a wrongness in this reality is actually a strongness that we have been unwilling to be?  Would you be willing to be that now?

Trusting your own awareness, even when others don’t agree, strengthens that muscle.  You need to learn to trust You.  Standing strong in your own awareness, with no need of resistance of any judgment, nor alignment or agreement, begins to create an energy of true confidence… of BEING You.  Only you know what is true for you.  When you have trust in you, you step in to fully Being You, and can begin creating the life you’d love to be living.

I just got a text from my friend that says, “Thank you Julie.. the energy has changed.  What will it take to be the resonance of me with no apology…?  So grateful!”

Are you willing to have things change this quickly and easily?  …to start creating the life you’d love to be living?!


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