Honoring your Body


You are a Being that has a Body.  It is important to make a clear distinction of these.   Who eats? … you or your body?  Who sleeps, showers, takes walks on the beach, or has sex?  These are functions of the body.  What would it be like to ask your body what it desires?

Many times we say “I’m hungry”, but you are the Being and your body eats… so what would it be like to include your body in the computation of what concerns it?  Your body gives you clues and cues every day.  Do you listen?  Do you override it?  Would you like to have greater communication with your body?  One way it lets you know things is with pictures.  Or it may lean toward something it would like (as well as away from things and people is does not like).

If you feed it what it truly desires to eat, everything you put in your mouth will be orgasmic.  And when it has had enough, the flavor will decrease or change all together.  Ask your body who it would like to sleep with and you will be surprised at how nurturing that can be.  How often does your body tell you it is done, and you override it anyway?  Whether with food, or with people you are in relationship with.  Listening to and honoring your body will dynamically improve your life experiences.

What would it be like to treat your body as nicely as you do your pet?  Give it love and attention, stroke it lovingly when it wakes up in the morning, ask it how its doing.  Tell it you are grateful for it.  Take it out for walks, let it bask in the sun, give it plenty of water.   Stop judging it.  Imagine how it would feel if you treated it with such nurturing kindness… would it start to shine, perk up, feel appreciated, look younger, have more energy?


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