What is Frustration?


Have you noticed that when the energy of frustration comes up, we often make it wrong?  Does that help?  Usually not!   What if frustration is an awareness of something?  If you started with asking questions when a “negative emotion” comes up, rather than jumping to the wrongness of you, I wonder what that would create?   

Is this mine?  If not, return it to sender… If so, what is it?  And, what would it take to change it?

Earlier today a friend called with a question.  She was having difficulty about something and noticed that there was a lot of frustration in her world.  As she was explaining what was going on, I stopped her, because there was so much energy on the word frustration.  I started to ask her to look at the energy of frustration and dig a little deeper into what it was, rather than glazing over it and making herself wrong about not being in allowance.  Notice how when you go to judgment (thinking you are not being in allowance) it cuts off your awareness?  When we cut off our awareness of things, we cannot change them.  We become at the effect.  

So I ran a few clearings and and then I asked her if the frustration was hers?  Yes.  So I asked if it was a potency, …and was it required to make the changes that she had been demanding?  Huge relief, laughter and amazement.  Literally 2 minutes after she called, her whole world lightened up, she felt happy and expanded again.

Click below to listen to a radio interview I did on Conscious Divorce:

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